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Facility Survey News

This is exciting NEWS! On Saturday, the Board approved a survey process that will determine which of the three facilities our members prefer.

Monday, July 21 - Survey goes out

  • The survey will go out to every person who was a member at May 31, 2014 and to all new members who have joined since then. It will include brief questions about site preference along with some general questions about classes, workshops, a performance team concept, etc. Knowing what you prefer helps us plan!
  • If you share an email address with another member, you will be allowed to vote twice.
  • Surveys will be mailed to members who do not have email access.
  • The survey will be completely confidential and professional. Pam will know who voted but not how they voted. No double voting - we will use the first vote only!
  • We are asking that you please vote by Wednesday to rule out any problems. AND, to prevent harassment by board members nagging you to vote!! :) We really do want to hear your opinion!
  • If you do not receive a survey or have problems completing the form, please contact Pam at 843-276-7050.

Monday, July 28 - Deadline

  • Deadline for the survey. Results will be announced as soon as possible.

Carolina DanceSport Parties

A great BIG thank you to everyone who put in such tremendous effort in making the parties at Carolina DanceSport such a success this weekend - Shelby, Ernie, David, Susan, Betsy, Larry, JoAnn, and Beverly. And to Lauren from Fred Astaire for the terrific Tango lesson. It was a fun weekend! Pictures will be posted on our photo website

Hans Riekerk

In about a month, we will have to say a sad goodbye to one of our very best dancers. Hans is moving to Naples, FL the first weekend in August to be with family. So, if you want to say a fond farewell to one of the nicest men I know, Saturday, July 26 will be the last opportunity!

DJ Training

If you have always wanted to spin some music or just want to have input into the music set-up at our parties, there will be a training session on Monday, July 28. Discussion will include an equipment overview, ways to create an exciting party atmosphere, and of course the new facility DJ set-up. AND dinner will be provided. If you are interested, contact Pam Levi at

July Classes

The board approved a flat $10 per class charge to be paid in advance starting July 1. Because these classes are progressive, permission from the instructor is still required to start after the first week. There are exceptions of course, but, in general, this works better for both you and the class.

Tuesday - Thursday classes did start last week but with the holidays, attendance was low, so you won't be behind at all if you start this week. Instructors will start with a pattern as always and repeat it the following three weeks. All this repetition allows us to get the information from our head down to our feet!

Monday, July 7 - 4 weeks $40

7:00 Advanced Anything Goes Tango with Debbie Housand 843-991-3601

Tuesday, July 8 - 4 weeks $40

7:00 Intermediate/Advanced East Coast Swing with David Roland 843-568-6888

Wednesday, July 9 - 4 weeks $40

7:00 Beginner Waltz with Debbie Housand 843-991-3601

8:00 Rhythm Technique with David Roland 843-568-6888

Provided below are the contact phone numbers of our independent dance instructors:

Debbie Housand, 843-991-3601

David Roland, 843-568-6888

Stephen Duane, 843-557-7690

Jason Creel and Sheela Agrawal (256) 348-6700, (256) 566-6222

Membership Renewals

Renewals are going very well with 68 renewals and one new member just this week. Welcome to Paula Thomas! If you have not paid your membership fee for this year, the party fee will be the guest price of $10. You may pay the renewal fee at any class, party, or mail it to Connie Vance, 315 Tucker Drive, Charleston, SC 29414.