Pier Pont Crossing
2408 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414
United States

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May 01
Friday Night Dance Party Progressive Waltz
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
May 02
Saturday Night Dance Party
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
May 02
Cinco de Mayo Saturday Night Dance Party
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
May 04
Advanced Class - East Coast Swing
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
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BDC Weekend


  • 7:30 Week 4 of the Progressive Rumba Series with Josh Ortiz. He will repeat everything he has taught in April, giving us a chance to get what we learned down to our feet!
  • 8:30 Dance Party with DJ Gunars Medins, Host Margaret Markiewicz, Reception Wesley Markiewicz.
  • $10 BDC Members, $15 Non-BDC Members

Saturday - ELITE INTERNATIONAL STUDIO NIGHT - Thanks to Marina Fridmanovich for bringing her instructors to dance with us!

  • 7:30 Cha Cha Lesson with Cesar Lozada
  • 8:30 Dance Party with Elite Studio. DJ Bob Hyatt, Hosts Normandie Updyke and Ann Beauchamp, Reception Sharon Keene.
  • $10 BDC Members, $15 Non-BDC Members


A great big thanks to Jackie and Marcia for the beautiful spring garden party last Saturday! And to Debra for taking pictures, which will be posted on Shutterfly soon.

These special parties take a lot of extra work and creativity. Please take a moment to thank them!

Board News

The board met April 12 - action highlights:

  • A brochure is being printed thanks to a sponsorship from Steve and Jody Martindale. They will be distributed to area hotels and neighborhood community centers surrounding BDC.
  • Another sponsorship opportunity will be offered for a children's class being developed. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring this at $200 a month, contact Pam. More details later.
  • 39 folding chairs will be sold leaving seating for 80 at the tables. The price is $15 each for the 13 striped upholstered and $10 each for both the 16 cream upholstered and 10 metal chairs. If you are interested, click here for pictures and reply to this email. If any of you are not interested, they will be listed on Craigslist. Our goal is to keep the facility clear of clutter.
  • A different method for keeping track of private lessons was adopted and it is no longer necessary for students to sign the register. However, it is still important to sign in for practice floor use. We count on you to remember to log your time in and out.
  • In conjunction with National Ballroom Week in September, BDC will host a showcase! More details to follow.
  • A survey will be sent out in May to get YOUR input on classes, workshops, parties, a performance team, and the facility.
  • A policy was adopted to identify the difference between items loaned and items donated to BDC. More detail in the Newsletter.
  • A suggestion box will be put out soon. Please share your ideas and certainly feel free to let the board know what you think

Door And Alarm Codes -- Changes were effecive April 6!.

On the advice of our alarm company, the door key code and alarm codes will change quarterly. That change was made last Sunday, so if you need access to the building, please contact Marcia or Pam for new codes. Pam 843-276-7050 or Marcia 843-270-5897.


Saturday, April 25 - Elite International Studio Night is finally here!! Marina Fridmanovich is inviting all of YOU to join her and her staff to dance with them.

There is always more dancing for everyone on Studio Night!

Saturday, May 2 - Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with great dancing, food and fun. Our hosts will be Kim Pearson and Shiko Carter. They have great fun in store for you. Please bring a dish to share. More details to follow.

Please join us for May. The group class schedule for May is below.

Prices for Classes:

Beginner's Class:

  • $10 per week paid in advance

Member's Class (all levels/classes except beginner class):

  • $10 per week paid in advance
  • $15 for single class not paid in advance

Guests (Non-BDC Members) all levels/classes except beginner class:

  • $15 per week paid in advance
  • $10 for a single class not paid in advance

All classes require insructor approval if started in week 2 or after



  • Monday (Advanced)-EC Swing
  • Tuesday (Intermediate)-Rumba
  • Wednesday-(Beginners)-Tango
  • Thursday (Intermediate)-Rhythm Dance Techniques
  • Thursday-(All Levels)-West Coast (Jaime Emerine)
  • Friday Progressive-Waltz-(David Roland)


  • Monday (Advanced)-Bolero
  • Tuesday (Intermediate)-Foxtrot
  • Wednesday-(Beginners)-EC Swing
  • Thursday - (Intermediate)-Smooth Dance Techniques
  • Thursday-(All Levels)-TBA
  • Friday Progressive-Foxtrot (Debbie Housand)

Floor Use Reminder

All BDC members may rent the floor for practice at $10 per hour or $5 per half-hour. If you have questions regarding times available or how to access the facility, please contact Pam Levi at 843-276-7050 or

Also, if you take private lessons, please remember to log in at the information cabinet in the shoe changing area.

Pre-Paid Admittance Cards

Need a gift idea? The new cards are printed and will fit the bill perfectly for any BDC activity. The cards may be purchased in any amount for any BDC activity. - classes, parties, workshops, balls! This is a great a way to encourage a friend to give dancing a try or simply make it easier for our current members to participate a little more. For more information email Connie Vance -


To protect our beautiful floor, please wear dance shoes or smooth leather soles that have been cleaned of street dirt. Spike heels or other type shoes will harm the floor.

Provided below are the contact phone numbers of our independent dance instructors:

  • Debbie Housand, 843-991-3601
  • David Roland, 843-568-6888
  • Mike Hogarth, 843-810-9160
  • Samantha Hunzinger, 843-754-6789