Pier Pont Crossing
2408 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414
United States

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Intermediate Class - Cha Cha
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
Mar 03
Intermediate Class - Cha Cha
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
Mar 04
March 4, 2015 Last Day to purchase Phoenix Ball tickets
Pierpont Crossing; Ballroom Dance Charleston
Mar 04
Beginner Class - Rumba
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
Mar 05
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
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Phoenix Ball Tickets - There may be some confusion about the Phoenix Ball on March 7. Some are thinking this is a "pay at the door" event. But, because it is catered and we want to make sure there is comfortable seating for everyone, we need a good count of who is coming. Of course, you may pay at the door but the cost is $10 more.

Phoenix Ball Update - BIG NEWS!!

We just got word that our National President, Yang Chen of New York, will be the keynote speaker!! This triple celebration is an historical event for our chapter and very special plans are in the works to celebrate both where we have been and our bright future. The deadline for advance priced tickets to the Phoenix Ball is Wednesday, March 4. To make arrangements send an email to or call 843-754-5087.

Facility Report

The serving counter was installed except for a little paint on Wednesday and we are still hoping for the DJ booth this week or early next. The DJ booth is an enclosed and raised unit designed by Maureen and custom built. Thanks again to Fred and Michelle for funding this and to David and Trish Hannemann for donating money for the serving area!

To seat 100 for the ball and the extra people we have on a regular basis, we had to order extra chairs, which should be here next week. Glass tops have also been ordered for the 5 new tables. More people - what a great problem to have!

The make-up counter and mirrors should be added to the dressing room and ladies restroom next week.

This $25,000 reserve is still in place at February 26 and all bills are paid. Thank you for your tremendous support by coming to our events and for your donations of both time and money to make all this happen! The ballroom is looking very good thanks to YOU!

Off we go! PHOENIX BALL!!

25TH Anniversary, Up from the Ashes Ball, Grand Opening -- All 3 Celebrations on March 7!!

BDC has certainly risen out of the ashes and into a very bright future. Off we go into the future!

This is the last weekend to get your reduced price tickets! This is truly a special occasion that will not happen again, at least we hope! One big fire, one big facility move, and one 25th anniversary is enough. So much to celebrate and this is an evening set aside to celebrate all that we have in a fun way.

  • Beautiful table decorations are in the works by Carol Ann Bly, Surprising Special Effects by Dennis Romano and Mike Hogarth, Catered by Debbie Wilgus, Music by Bob Hyatt, MC Pam Levi and Barry Weissglass, Photos by Debra Ebeling. It takes a village to raise a Phoenix!
  • Because of all the planning required for this type of event, there will not be reservations held at the door this timer; all reduced price tickets must be purchased ahead of time for this ball. Deadline for reduced tickets is Wednesday, March 4. Of course, you may still purchase tickets at the door but they will cost $10 more.
  • Schedule
    • 7:00 will start the evening with a ribbon cutting ceremony and then into the ballroom for hors d'oeuvres.
    • 7:30 Program that includes special introductions, presentation of two life-time achievement awards, and formation presentations.
    • 8:30 Dance Party with lots of door prizes!
  • Click for prices. You may purchase tickets at a dance/class or email to make arrangements.
  • Pricing also shown here:
  • Advance Tickets - $25 for BDC Members
  • Advance Tickets - $25 for Out of Town USA Dance Members
  • Advance Tickets - $20 for Instructors and Students
  • Advance Tickets - $40 for Non-BDC Members
  • At the Door Tickets - $35 for BDC Members
  • At the Door Tickets - $35 for Out of Town USA Dance Members
  • At the Door Tickets - $50 for Non-BDC Members
  • At the Door Tickets - $30 for Instructors and Students

March Classes - Start March 2, 2015

Time to pick your skill level and class! All classes are payable in advance.

Following is a brief summary of March classes and there is a more complete description of each on page 3 of the newsletter. These classes are progressive so it is important to start with week 1 so that you get the full advantage of repetition and avoid slowing the rest of the class down in week 2.

Monday - Advanced

  • 7:00 Week 1 - Cha Cha Ball Formation Practice, Debbie Housand
  • 7:00 Weeks 2-4 Merengue
    • Instructor Debbie Housand
    • 5 Weeks

Tuesday - Intermediate/Advanced

  • 7:00 Cha Cha
    • Instructor David Roland
    • 5 Weeks

Wednesday - Beginner

  • 7:00 Rumba
    • Instructor Debbie Housand
    • 4 Weeks

Thursday - All Levels

  • 6:00 Rhythm Technique
    • Instructor David Roland
    • 4 Weeks
  • 7:00 Samba
    • Instructor Samantha Hunzinger
    • 4 Weeks

Fridays - All Levels Progressive Lesson and Party

  • 7:30 Tango
    • Instructor Mike Hogarth
    • This is not a class and payment is not made in advance
    • $10 per lesson and party for Members, $15 for Non-BDC Members

Prices for Classes:

Members and Beginner's Class:

  • $10 per week paid in advance
  • $15 for a single class not paid for in advance

Guests (Non-BDC Members)

  • $15 per week paid in advance
  • $20 for a single class not paid in advance

All Classes require instructor approval if started in week 2 or after.

New! Pre-Paid Admittance Cards

Need a gift idea? New cards are being printed that will fit the bill perfectly for any BDC activity. The cards may be purchased in any amount for any BDC activity. - classes, parties, workshops, balls! This is a great a way to encourage a friend to give dancing a try or simply make it easier for our current members to participate a little more. For more information, reply to this email.


To protect our beautiful floor, please wear dance shoes or smooth leather soles that have been cleaned of street dirt. Spike heels or other type shoes will harm the floor.

Provided below are the contact phone numbers of our independent dance instructors:

  • Debbie Housand, 843-991-3601
  • David Roland, 843-568-6888