St. Andrew's Fitness Center
1642 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29407
United States

Election Results

At the annual membership meeting on Sunday, election committee members Normandie and Fred announced the results of the board election. This is your new board:

Todd Biegger, Marcia Hessert, Jan Hyatt, Sharon Keene, Pam Levi, Jane Locke, and Connie Vance.

BDC Weekend

Friday - St. Andrew's Fitness

  • 7:30 Week 3 of Progressive Waltz with Josh Ortiz
  • 8:30 Dance Party with DJ Bob Hyatt. Hosts are Jan and Jody
  • $5 Members, $10 Guests

Saturday - St. Andrew's Fitness

  • 7:30 Salsa Lesson with Caesar
  • 8:30 Dance Party with DJ Beverly. Hosts are Connie and Allen.
  • This is the last party at SAF, please come say farewell to these nice folks.
  • $5 Members, $10 Guests

No parties next weekend: So that we can have the full weekend to move the rest of our dishes, food, tables, safe, etc to Pier Pont, the party on Saturday, December 27 has been cancelled.

Moving News

A big thanks to our sound engineer, Bruce Roberts of Arp Studios, along with Bob Ramey, Joe Richardson, and Allen Vance for spending about 5 hours yesterday hanging speakers and pulling wire. So far so good and hopefully, music will be up and running on Saturday. Pam was the official go-fer and Jackie and Bob brought food for everyone. It was heartwarming to watch!

The mirrors are scheduled for early next week. Stop by anytime you are in the area!

Facility Donations

The good just keeps coming! A big thank you to Fred, Michelle, Pam, Bob and Anne.

  • Fred and Michele stopped by Thursday with a generous check that will pay for the DJ booth along with a digital display screen. Fred's only request was that the display board show the current dance and the next two the DJ plans to play. That will please a lot of folks!
  • Michelle also donated a treasure trove of goodies from her store, The Little Black Dress, which closed this week. Proceeds will be used for our new facility. Get ready to shop ladies - it will all go fast at these ridiculous prices for top-of-the-line things. Included are about 40 scarves and shawls (picture at bottom), one dress size 4, and about 40 nice wooden hangars. They will be on sale at both the Friday and Saturday parties and also at our new home in the Pier Pont Crossing mall next week if you are in the area.
  • Pam also made a generous donation, which will be used toward expanded mirrors and glass for our ballroom furniture plus items for our sound system.
  • A coffee pot, toaster oven, and microwave are essential in any kitchen. All these were donated by Bob and Anne.
  • Still on the deferred purchase list are more kitchen cabinets, serving counter, signage, bathroom cabinets, and general decor. All donations are tax deductible.

Advance Tickets on Sale for New Year's Eve Party

  • $25 Members, $40 Guests, $15 Instructors and Students
  • Deadline is December 27. This is important so that we can order plenty of food, and provide comfortable seating for everyone!
  • Prices at the door - $30, $45, $20
  • Buy your tickets at a party or mail a check to Connie Vance, Treasurer, 315 Tucker Drive, Charleston, SC 29414.
  • We already have a gift certificate from Mister Don's for a door prize. If your business would like to donate a door prize, please contact Connie Vance. You may present it to the winner and promote your business if you choose to do so.
  • The party will be held at our new Pier Pont facility, 2408 Ashley River Road. New place, new year!

Discount Party Pass Cards on Sale

Discount cards are available that give you ten parties for the price of nine. Total savings is $10 for both members and guests.

  • Each of the ten squares on the back is worth $10 cash.
  • When members check in, one square will be initialed by the hosts as used.
  • Two or more people can use the same card.
  • If you are a guest, you could use one square and pay $5 cash.
  • The price for a card is $90 - value is $100.

Gift Ideas

Any of these make great gifts! For more information, please reply to this email. They will all be available at the Friday and Saturday parties.

  • Gift certificate for a class or workshop - any amount you specify
  • Pre-Paid Admittance Party Passes - $10 each
  • BDC Membership $25
  • USA Dance Membership $25

Not-For-Profit Donations

Ballroom Dance Charleston is a non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible. Your contributions will help BDC grow and offer programming in dance education. Thank you for considering Ballroom Dance Charleston. Contributions should be mailed to Ballroom Dance Charleston, Box J-K, Pier Pont Crossing, 2408 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC.


Provided below are the contact phone numbers of our independent dance instructors:

Debbie Housand, 843-991-3601

David Roland, 843-568-6888

Stephen Duane, 843-557-7690

Jason Creel and Sheela Agrawal (256) 348-6700, (256) 566-6222